Belt Conveyors

The SoRoTo® Belt Conveyor is available in sizes from 2 to 8m, and can of course be connected in series, so you can get around corners and move material as far as you want.

Our belts conveyors are the lightest on the market. With an aluminum frame, an open construction and an optimal balance point, it is easy for a single man to move even an 8m belt conveyor.

The holes in the steel sheets under the PVC belt cool both the machine and the belt, and then they make sure that the machine cleans itself as it works. It is very easy to maintain.

The transport chassis (or undercarriage) is standard on a SoRoTo® Conveyor Belt. It can be clicked on and off anywhere on the frame - thus changing the angle of the conveyor belt.

There are several options for belts for a SoRoTo® Belt Conveyor, so we are able to find the right solution for your use.

A SoRoTo® Belt Conveyor includes:

  • Standard feeder box
  • PVC belt with 10 mm high carriers
  • Transportation undercarriage