CMG 300-T

The CMG 300-T is characterized by its gearbox, which is how it differs from the CMP, CMS, and CME series. The gearbox drives a timing belt that turns the mixing tray, making this concrete mixer a very low-noise drum mixer. This drum mixer has 3 mixing arms, as well as a structure where the braces are not forklift pockets – however, the braces are of a sturdier construction than the forklift pockets and the braces are somewhat sturdier than those on the CMP, CMS, and CME models. This drum mixer har pneumatic rubber tires and legs that can be lowered, ensuring stable placement when the legs are down. The CMG 300-T has a mixing capacity of 300L and a drum capacity of 360L. This allows the concrete mixer to mix 2.6 m3/hour. Without the motor, this drum mixer weighs 236 kg. The CMG 300-T differs from the 2 other models by having the same feature as our CMT series, where the drum mixer is equipped with a ball coupling for mounting on a trailer hitch, allowing the drum mixer to be towed behind a car. This machine is considered a trailer, and it is built to be towed at speeds up to 90 km/h – but it obviously depends on the legislation in any given country.

Cement Mixers
Motor 110V - 240V - 400V
Drum Capacity 360L
Mixing Capacity 300L
Height 165 cm
Width/Length 123/195 cm
Weight 236 kg