CMT 340

If you are looking for a solid drum mixer that is easier to transport to various locations and various jobs, the CMT 340 is a great choice. Our CMT mixers differ from other drum mixers in that they can be towed like a trailer behind a car, using the pre-installed wheels, brake lights, and ball coupling for mounting on a trailer hitch. Furthermore, it can also be moved with a forklift or a telescopic handler using the pre-installed forklift pockets.

A CMT 340 is great for medium-sized and large projects, as it has a mixing capacity of 340L, as well as a mixing volume of 2.9m3/hour. It is equipped with a gear/disc that helps the user empty the mixing tray without too much effort – for this purpose, there is also a foot pedal. All things considered, this is a very solid concrete mixer that can be transported in some different ways than your typical drum mixer.

Cement Mixers
Motor 110V - 240V - 400V
Drum Capacity 400L
Mixing Capacity 340L
Height 165 cm
Width/Length 123/195 cm
Weight 255 kg