CMW 130

A CMW 130 drum mixer has the same qualities as the CMW 110, only it has a mixing capacity of 130L instead of 110L – as indicated by the name. It is a nice functional concrete mixer that can be removed from its frame and used as a wheelbarrow. This makes it easier to get around to various tasks at a construction site, making this series more functionally versatile. The drum mixer can mix standing on the ground, as well as in its frame, where you get a better working height for stationary use, and when mixing off frame, it is easy to transport it to various task areas.

The motor construction makes for low-noise mixing, which is one of the advantages of a CMW 130. In summary, a CMW 130 drum mixer is a very versatile mixer, which is very suitable for medium-sized construction jobs. It has many functional options and it can perform many tasks, making it a good choice for many craftsmen.


  • The top can be removed – more use options
  • Can be rolled on the ground like a wheelbarrow
  • Several height-level options (in frame or on the ground)
  • Low noise
  • Can easily get around to several jobs on the construction site
Cement Mixers
Motor 110V - 240V - 400V
Drum Capacity 150L
Mixing Capacity 130L
Height 145cm
Width/Length 75/135 cm
Weight 62 kg