EXPERT Mixing Paddles

The EXPERT collection comprises two specialised mixing paddles designed for either thick or thin materials, hence the name EXPERT. The mixing head has been developed with a smart conical design, where the top of the head is wider than the base. This makes the design perfect for the slanted sides of a mixing bucket and mixes 15-20% more efficiently. At the same time, you achieve a more ergonomic working posture because you do not need to be in extreme positions to reach the entire way around the bucket. The unique design is featured in both the EXPERT and the SCREW collections.

What should you mix with a mixing paddle from the EXPERT collection?

The mixing paddles in our EXPERT collection are fitted with SA120 and SA120NEG., both of which are specialised in their respective areas. SA120 is best suited for heavy materials like concrete and expanding concrete, while SA120NEG. is better suited for self-levelling putty, paints, and gypsum-based plaster. Both mixing paddles are suitable for large volumes, thanks to the wide diameter of the mixing head and the three mixing blades that increase the efficiency of the mixing process.