BA60R Mixing Paddle
BA60R Mixing Paddle - 1
BA60R Mixing Paddle
BA60R Mixing Paddle - 1

BA60R Mixing Paddle

The BA60R mixing paddle is part of our FLOW collection, and it was developed for anyone who needs a small mixing paddle for small quantities of thin materials. With its estimated mixing capacity of 0-10 kg, the mixing paddle quickly and efficiently mixes your material, and its propellor-shaped design makes it particularly useful for small mixtures. Each propellor is angled downwards, which draws the material from the top of the mixing head and down into the bucket without sending the material over the edge—the perfect mixing process for thin materials. The mixing paddle is part of our FLOW collection due to its propellor-shaped design, and all the mixing paddles in the collection feature similar qualities tailored to different volumes.

The mixing paddle can be connected to a drill using a drill chuck, making it ideal for short mixing tasks as a drill does not present the same ergonomic options as a stirrer, such as an optimised grip with both hands.

What can I use the BA60R mixing paddle for?

The BA60R is the smallest mixing paddle in our collection, and as mentioned, it is ideal for mixing small volumes. We recommend using a BA60R mixing paddle for thin materials like paint, lacquer, primers, etc., and it is great for activating paint before use to improve coverage or if you need to mix a small tub of lacquer. The mixing head has a diameter of 60 mm, and the axle has a length of 390 mm. The round axle is perfect for mounting in a drill using a drill chuck.

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  • Round axle
  • Length: 390 mm
  • Materials: Paints, lacquer, primers, adhesive mortar, fillers, tile adhesive.
  • Estimated mixing capacity: 0-10 kg.
  • Current: Downstream.
Mixing Paddles
Ø 60毫米
Heigth 390 mm
Weight 0,14
For 13 mm Drill Chuck (D)/
M14 Thread (M14)