TWIN Mixing Paddles

The mixing paddles in our TWIN collection are developed for thin materials with a slightly thicker consistency. This makes the TWIN collection a good medium for our product range, making these mixing paddlesa popular choice. The two mixing paddles in the collection are almost identical, with the exception of the size of the mixing head, hence the name TWIN. The mixing paddles are equipped with two twisted upstream mixing blades, perfect for slightly bigger volumes compared to our smallest mixing paddles.

What should you mix with a mixing paddle from the TWIN collection?

The TWIN collection is versatile when it comes to the choice of materials. We recommend using the TWIN mixing paddles for paint, lacquer, glazing, varnishes, and primers, but this list is far from exhaustive. These paddles are generally best suited for thin materials due to the negative angling of the mixing blades, which helps keep the material in the bucket. This is especially helpful when mixing thin materials. As mentioned, the mixing paddles in the TWIN collection are a good choice for anyone who wants to up the mixing volume slightly.